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Freeze Branders

  • RAMM makes the highest-quality freeze branders in the industry. We make our freeze branders out of red brass. They are very heavy and have the ability to hold their temperature better than other branders, so you can brand more livestock in less time.
  • Freeze branding uses super-cold irons to kill the pigment-producing cells. Colorless or white hair will grow at the brand site.
  • Dry ice and alcohol or liquid nitrogen are both used with good results. Liquid nitrogen will cut branding times in almost half, but may be harder to find. Of course, always wear gloves and eye protection when handling these coolants, and use the proper equipment.
Number Sets 0-8  
2 Number Brand $300
2½ Number Brand $350
3 Number Brand $400
3½ Number Brand $450
4 Number Brand $475
5 Number Brand $525
6 Number Brand $575
Alphabet Sets  
3 Alphabet Set $1200
4 Alphabet Set $1450
Standard Letters or Numbers  
1 Character $180
2 Characters $275
3 Characters $400
Custom Design $200 - $750, Call for Quote
One-Character Examples

Two-Character Examples

Three-Character Examples

Custom designs